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If you’re having trouble selecting which colour therapy is best suited to you in meeting your skincare needs let this serve as your colour therapy guide and used only as a reference. I recommend booking an initial consultation as it can be useful prior to your upcoming LED face treatment.

This is when a skin assessment can be made to help you select which LED colour therapy would be most suitable for you and your skincare needs. The technology works by emitting light frequencies which are absorbed into the skin. LED skin treatments are a great alternative to chemical peels or laser therapy.

LED lights have been around for decades, although it was not until recently that the technology became popular for Skin Treatments, the light emitting diode therapy offers several different colour options which I have covered in great detail.

The three most common colours are known to be Blue light LED treatment targets acne and congested skin to kill bacteria and calm acne breakouts, making this the best LED treatment for acne. Red light LED skin treatment is used to rejuvenate the skin and stimulate hair growth, while Yellow LED light facial treatment can target wrinkles, scars, and inflammation.

Blue LED light therapy – A clearing remedy

Used to target sebaceous glands, the Blue LED light can control the oil production, purify the skin, and help prevent breakouts and acne lesions. While stopping breakouts in their tracks, stabilising overactive oil production, and reducing the appearance of active inflammation.

Most used as a treatment for acne-prone skin as it possesses an antibacterial property that can kill the acne-causing bacteria that sits below your skin. This wavelength is your effective acne remedy that does not irritate the skin. This LED light colour can also help treat psoriasis and eczema. While blue LED works well as a stand-alone treatment, it can also be used with strategic skincare products to enhance the skin clearing benefits.

PRO TIP: The benefits for acne treatment using the Blue light therapy are maximised when the Blue Light is used in combination with the skincare products that have been designed to target Acne. Specifically with products that list Salicylic Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acids as an ingredient. These are often an ingredient in many ointments, creams, and cleansers.

RED LED light therapy – Rejuvenating scheme

Also known as infrared light, the red LED light works on the outer layer of skin called epidermis. When absorbed by the epidermis, red light acts on fibroblasts (cells in the skin) to boost the natural production of collagen and elastin. Note that these are proteins that support the structure of your skin, making it look fuller and plumped up.

The lighter shades of red usually help reduce the appearance of redness and improve circulation. Meanwhile, the deeper end of the spectrum focuses more on cell regeneration. Red light also serves as a soothing post-laser treatment to fast-track healing.

PRO TIP: Using an anti-aging cream or serum following your light therapy session may speed up results. Using Vitamin C serum with Red Light Therapy can help brighten your complexion and boost radiance.

FUN FACT: Some studies also found that red LED light therapy can significantly increase hair density, preventing hair loss and providing hair growth solution for those with androgenic alopecia.

Purple LED light therapy – Dual-action style

Purple LED is a combination of red and blue wavelengths, offering dual benefits of both the clearing (blue) and the anti-ageing (red). Purple is also beneficial for cellular oxygenation and regeneration to promote enhanced skin fitness and vitality.

FUN FACT: You might want to consider this light setting if you are someone who has trouble relaxing, difficulty falling asleep and/or sleep disturbances, because our eyes and nervous system both of which play a critical role in sleep it just so happens that they are also linked with this secondary colour. Therefore, purple light can not only help you fall asleep, but it also aids in reducing emotional and mental stress.

Yellow LED light therapy – Calming method

This LED light colour can infiltrate in the further depths of your skin, targeting the light receptors on the cells making it great for skin-cell resistance. Yellow LED is used as a restorative therapy for sun damaged complexions thereby making it your greatest weapon to combat fine lines, wrinkles, and other factors that indicate ageing.

Yellow LED light therapy can also improve circulation on your skin and minimise redness, swelling and rosacea to improve overall skin tone and balance.

PRO TIP: The treatment is quick and painless; it only takes approximately 10 minutes a day to achieve results within 4-6 weeks, when using the correct wavelength.

Green LED light therapy – Brightening tactic

Green LED light therapy hands you the beauty solution to skin discolouration. In theory, this LED light targets the bottom layer of the epidermis, specifically the melanin-producing cells. It works by inhibiting excess melanin from developing and travelling up the skin’s surface.

Green LED is used to address hyperpigmentation, freckles, and age spots by breaking down clusters of melanin that form discolorations. It can also assist as a soothing and firming treatment to promote a balanced and youthful complexion.

FUN FACT: Studies show that just by gazing at green light it can reduce chronic pain (caused by fibromyalgia or migraines, for example) by up to 60 percent.

White LED light therapy – Near infra-red light

Out of all the LED lights, this is the one that is most deeply absorbed into the skin as it has the longest wavelengths which reaches the furthest even going through your bones! Infra-red lighting increases the healing rate of wounds, heals cystic acne, smooth’s wrinkles, and helps with cell absorption.

This colour setting will ensure that your skin does not only look radiant on the outside but also the inside. As it thoroughly extends far down the skins layers so that it remains healthy.

FUN FACT: Studies have shown that this light setting can help users feel more alert and focused and aid in an overall improvement of one’s mood.

PRO TIP: Red and infrared lights can and should, in most cases, be combined. The two types of light therapy, when combined, form a power couple. One example in which these two-work together is anti-aging light therapy devices.

The most effective anti-aging solutions will likely include red and infrared lights. This is due to their powerful wrinkle-reducing powers and ability to improve the skin’s overall texture and complexion.

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