Everything about Microneedling

You probably have heard of micro needling, but what exactly is it? What does it entail? What are the micro needling benefits? In this blog post we will dive into these questions and more. We will learn about how needles can benefit your skin and improve your complexion. If you are looking for another way to boost your skin health and overall appearance, you should consider this procedure. That’s ultimately why we’re here, to demystify the mysterious and get you all the information you need to look and feel your best.

What is Microneedling?

Otherwise known as “Collagen Induction Therapy” OR “Skin Needling” is one of the newest, simplest and most effective minimally invasive skin treatments available both at home and in clinic settings. The purpose of this treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for a smoother appearance and making the skin firmer more toned.It helps boost your skins health, appearance and in the resistance of increasing collagen production.

What can Microneedling do for your skin?

Micro needling plumps and firms the skin while the accumulation of collagen and elastin will overall thicken and tighten the skin addressing any skin thinning that occurs thereby signs of aging skin. Micro needling can help target everything from anti-aging and other specific skincare concerns. If your skin issues have not responded to other procedures, such as chemical peels, then you may want to consider micro needling. The result is smoother. Firmer, younger looking skin the are many benefits to micro needling some of them include but is not limited to:

  • Reduction of deep and fine wrinkles
  • Reverses pigmentation and sun damage
  • Diminish acne scarring
  • Helps resolve other forms of scarring
  • Minimise enlarged dilated pores
  • Enhance skin texture
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Alopecia
  • Vitiligo
  • Removal of age spots
  • Stretch mark removal

How does Microneedling work?

Micro needling works by promoting collagen production in your skin. The micro needles create tiny pin pricks in your skin that send signals to your brain as a tiny injury. Since collagen is responsible for healing, these signals will tell your body to create more collagen and send it to the target area. The additional collagen helps create new skin issue that contains more tone and texture. Unfortunately, natural collagen production decreases as we age and that results in lines, and wrinkles. Through motivating collagen production, you can counteract some of these effects.

Why is Microneedling so effective?

The concept behind micro needling is based on the skin’s natural ability to repair itself whenever it encounters physical damage. Micro needling allows for a controlled induction of the skins self-repair mechanism by creating micro “injuries” to the sub-epidermal layer thus provoking the skin’s natural repair response of collagen synthesis. Frequently practiced using a titanium based, pen shaped tool with tiny, sterilized needles that punctures the skin’s surface without the risk of permanent scarring.

Is Microneedling safe?

It is considered safe for most people who are in overall good health, and it can be performed on any skin type. A time window will be allocated per session allowing room for prep total max time 2 hours. The procedure takes 20-30 minutes, during this time you won’t feel any pain it might cause a minimal to moderate level of discomfort.

After the procedure your skin will likely feel warm and tight, and it may appear as though you have moderate sunburn. These side effects usually subside within a few hours skin should return to normal after 24 hours. Best possible results are achieved with repeated efforts over multiple (6-8 sessions ideally spaced 4 weeks apart. It is not recommended treatment for pregnant women or individuals on prescribed certain acne medication, scroll down below in support of a further detailed read on Micro Needling and Safety.

The benefits of Microneedling

Micro needling is especially great for anyone who has had weight fluctuations causing them to be left with stretch marks and loose skin, helping the skin regain its tightness and elasticity. The benefits extend to more surface skin related ailments including rosacea, skin pigmentation, and sun damage, and not just in the face.

At Purify Skincare Clinic we offer both scarring treatments and micro needling treatments that can be applied to the neck and décolleté as well. The process prompts your body to start healing alongside levelling out wrinkles and blemishes including acne scars. It is also known to address other skin-related issues that are otherwise very difficult to treat. There have been fantastic results witnessed in clients experiencing alopecia and hair loss.

What’s more noteworthy is the fact that a micro needling session creates the perfect window of opportunity to help your skincare products work more effectively. The tiny holes created by the needle device allow the products to penetrate more deeply, allowing them to efficiently interact with your skin. This treatment is often used in conjunction with a recipe of itemized skin care products to maximise and boost the benefits of both the product and treatment when used as a combination.

How long will it take to see Microneedling results?

Everyone loves instant gratification. However, there are a few things in life that are worth the wait. This includes micro needling and its broad range of benefits. According to a 2008 study, skin treated with four micro needling sessions spaced one month apart produced up to a 400% increase in collagen and elastin six months after completing treatment. However, from micro needling alone, you will look plump, pink, and luminous for a couple of weeks. On a short-term basis, it plumps the skin and makes the skin look more radiant from inflammation and very superficial swelling.

Some of the results, such as skin tightening would show up almost immediately. However, others would take around 4 – 6 weeks to fully develop. This is the time taken by the average human body to produce collagen for newer and healthier looking skin.

Highlighting the longevity of results & tips on extending results

It is impossible to say how long the effects of micro needling will last on your skin as every person has their own unique skin. However, most people can expect to enjoy the results of their treatment for at least 8 to 12 weeks. You may be able to enjoy the results for far longer if for instance you avoid stepping out in the sun without a sunscreen.

PROTIP: You should maximise your water intake and aim to drink at least 8 cups of water each day after your treatment don’t hesitate in drinking more if you live in a dry climate or lead an active lifestyle. Get plenty of B vitamins and vitamin A, C, D, E, and K. Avoid smoking wherever possible.

How many sessions of Microneedling is required?

The number of micro needling sessions required completely depends on the unique cellular turnover rate, skin condition, and your age. for results to manifest completely it can range anywhere from 3 to 6 treatment session this may be less for younger adults.

It is recommended that you keep coming back for maintenance appointments every 3 to 6 months once you have the results you desire. This will help you retain the youthful purity and overall fresh-faced consistency. You may also combine your micro needling treatment with other aesthetic procedures.

What can you expect during the procedure?

Upon checking into the clinic and seeing your therapist the first step to the treatment involves the application of a numbing agent/cream that acts as a support for the skin and in giving a smooth performance which improves the overall procedure.

Keep in mind that it may take some time for the numbing effects of the cream to kick in. The specific process itself could be anywhere between 10-30 minutes depending on where you’re having it done, and what you’re trying to address. You could easily be in and out of the office in a single afternoon. However, to achieve the best results, multiple sessions are necessary. Don’t expect to see an immediate change to your skin overnight. Even after the treatment is fully complete, your body may take time to heal; patience is key. You should start to see the desired micro needling results in a few weeks.

Microneedling some possible side effects

Micro needling side effects may include swelling, bruising, and peeling in addition to redness. You may also notice small bumps as your skin recovers from the various abrasions caused by the needles and heals, which is no cause for concern in fact it is quite common and considered normal and oftentimes is to be expected throughout the recovery period. However, you should take note if you see any bleeding or infection, as that could indicate a more serious reaction.

When and who is Microneddling not a recommended therapy?

There are some individuals who should avoid micro needling altogether continue reading to find out if you are one of them. This is not the appropriate treatment for you If you have any of the following: an active skin infection, active acne, keloid scarring, this treatment may cause open wounds and keloids to become further irritated by the procedure, having the opposite intended effect, and creating further scarring.

Prior to your Microneedling session (pre-care)

Prior to the procedure, your skin therapist may ask you to stop taking certain medications. This is to ensure that there are no negative interactions between treatments you are already receiving and the micro needling. Any preparations necessary will be discussed during your consultation.

Upon the completion of your Microneedling session (after-care)

You might initially notice a little redness. This is because of the tiny wounds created in your skin, which leave it in a more sensitive and vulnerable state. This also means you need to be a little more careful than usual to protect it. For this reason, you be rigorous in applying/reapplying sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun, even if you’re only spending minimal amounts of time outdoors. It’s important that you steer clear of certain environments specifically those that pose exposure of large amounts of bacteria, such as swimming pools or outdoor ponds. By introducing your wounds to such environments, they can interfere with the healing process by causing an infection and putting your skin’s health at risk.

When at home take extra care in preventing further irritation of your skin by avoiding rough soaps and harsh exfoliants. Beyond that, you should be able to immediately return to your regular schedule of work or school and go about your day as usual. state. This also means you need to be a little more careful than usual to protect it.

What does the recovery time look like with Microneedling procedure?

  • 60 Minutes: Reddening and possible spot bleeding, pores still open.
  • Up to 24 hours: Rash, red dots, minor swelling.
  • 1 – 2 days: Rash, red dots, reduced swelling, minor itching, dry/tight sensation.
  • 2 – 3 days: Reduced rash, fading of red dots, dissipated swelling, reduced itching, minor skin flaking.
  • 3 – 4 days: Potential slight dryness.
  • 4 – 5 days: Full recovery with normalised function.
  • 3 weeks: Improvement in pigmentation begins.
  • 4 – 6 weeks: Improvements in lines, wrinkles and scarring begins.

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